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This website includes information about the mine plan, the Development Permit, the Code of Practice for Pits and Water Act applications, technical reports, and timelines.

The Code of Practice for Pits and Water Act applications are under review by Alberta Environment. To view the applications and supporting reports, visit the Resources page.

About the Project

Mountain Ash Limited Partnership (MALP) is pursuing an aggregate operation, called Summit, along Highway 567 northeast of the Town of Cochrane in Rocky View County (RVC). MALP received approval on its Master Site Development Plan (MSDP) and Development Permit (DP) applications and is now pursuing a Code of Practice for Pits (COP) and Water Act approval. Public engagement for all applications is now closed.

A COP application and approval is required before operations can begin and regulates disturbance, reporting and reclamation activities. For more information about the COP, Water Act, and previous application materials, visit the Resources tab.

For more information about project scope and the development plan,
visit The Project tab.



The Highway 567 and wetland berm construction scheduled was slightly delayed as we were waiting for an over-head utilities line to be moved.  Construction of the berms will be completed by October 31, 2023, weather permitting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email at info@summitproject.ca

Effective September 11, 2023, Mountain Ash Limited Partnership (“MALP”) has initiated the construction of the Summit’s project berms which include a visual screening and sound berm which runs parallel to highway 567, and the wetland berm which delineates the avoided wetlands in the northwest corner of NW31-26-3-W5M. This is work is being completed in preparation for the commencement of aggregate operations as approved by Alberta Environment and Protected Area (“AEPA”). The berm construction is expected to be completed by the second week of October, weather permitting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email at info@summitproject.ca

Mountain Ash Limited Partnership (MALP) received its Code of Practice (“COP”) registration and Water Act approval in July 2023.  The Water Act approval and COP registration document, can be found under the Resources tab.

For questions about the COP or Water Act, please get in touch.

On July 13, 2021, Mountain Ash Limited Partnership (MALP) received approval from Rocky View County (RVC) Council for its Development Permit (DP) application for the Summit Project. The DP includes technical details about the phased development of the project and can be viewed on the Resources tab , under the ‘Development Permit Application Materials’ heading.

As part of the DP, MALP developed a Good Neighbour Action Plan (GNAP) which is still subject to future review and approval from RVC Council. The intent of the GNAP is to provide information about the project and establish methods for ongoing communication between MALP and the surrounding residents, businesses and other stakeholder groups situated within a ±1.6 km (±1 mile) radius of the Project site. Once complete, the GNAP will be linked to the website.

In April 2021, Mountain Ash Limited Partnership (“MALP”) submitted a Development Permit (“DP”) application to Rocky View County, which is currently under review with a decision expected in July of 2021.

MALP kicked-off a public engagement approach as part of its DP application process in March 2021. The objective of the approach was to work with the local community to address questions, concerns, or comments related to the DP. Our approach included a mailing to landowners within 1,600 m of the site, and key stakeholder organizations, to provide a project update and offer the opportunity for a virtual meeting to respond to any questions or concerns, email correspondence, and telephone and virtual meetings.

A primary component of the engagement approach has been to offer landowners within an 800 m radius of the subject site the opportunity to participate in a well monitoring program administered by MALP. Five landowners have agreed to participate in the program which will result in the installation of five monitoring stations in addition to the 11 stations installed within the subject site.

In total, MALP has participated in numerous email exchanges and 10 virtual meetings and phone calls with interested landowners and stakeholder organizations, at which 33 individuals were registered to participate.

To learn more about engagement completed to date for the DP process, please refer to this engagement summary.

Mountain Ash Limited Partnership (MALP) received approval from Rocky View County Council for its Land Use Amendment application and Master Site Development Plan for the Summit Pit project on Tuesday, March 2, 2021. As the next step in the process, MALP will develop and submit a Development Permit (DP) application and a Code of Practice for Pits (CPP) for approval.

As the project evolves, we are committed to working with the local community to identify and address concerns and interests through mitigation measures. We appreciate the time and effort given by the community so far, and we hope to continue to work together to design a safe, responsible operation.

MALP intends to submit its DP and CPP applications prior to summer 2021, and we want to hear from you. We invite you to get in touch to discuss your questions, comments and ideas related to the proposed operations at Summit. Our team is available to meet with you over the phone, or by video conference.

The Summit Project is going before Rocky View County Council for a Public Hearing on March 2, 2021. The agenda can be found here.

Due to restrictions caused by Covid-19, the event will be hosted virtually rather than in person. To learn more about RVC’s public hearing protocols, please visit the County website.

The summer 2020 public engagement program is now closed and a summary report has been developed and linked below.  Thank you for your participation.


For questions or comments, please get in touch. We are committed to transparency and responsiveness and welcome input about the project or process at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes the most common questions asked about the project. Check back often for updated information.

Aggregate includes rock products like gravel, sand, shale and clay. The Summit Pit contains sand and gravel resources.

Aggregates are non-renewable natural resources that play an important part in society. They are used to build roads, public buildings like hospitals and schools, and our homes.

In Rocky View County, Development Permits and approvals need to be obtained for new construction, renovations, and changes to how a building or land is being used. Following the approval of a DP, construction and operations can begin, pending all other approvals are also in place.

Following the approval of land use, an operator must submit a Code of Practice for Pits application. It addresses registration and operational requirements such as activities planned at the site, soil conservation, reclamation, reclamation security and reclamation certification, reporting and record keeping, among others. Operators must also comply with all other requirements defined by the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and the Water Act and their associated regulations and Codes of Practice, and all other applicable federal and provincial laws.

The Resources tab includes technical reports from all of the applications submitted to date, including the Master Site Development Plan, Development Permit and Code of Practice for Pits applications.


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