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Aggregate includes rock products like gravel, sand, shale and clay. The Summit Pit contains sand and gravel resources.

Aggregates are non-renewable natural resources that play an important part in society. They are used to build roads, public buildings like hospitals and schools, and our homes.

In Rocky View County, Development Permits and approvals need to be obtained for new construction, renovations, and changes to how a building or land is being used. Following the approval of a DP, construction and operations can begin, pending all other approvals are also in place.

Following the approval of land use, an operator must submit a Code of Practice for Pits application. It addresses registration and operational requirements such as activities planned at the site, soil conservation, reclamation, reclamation security and reclamation certification, reporting and record keeping, among others. Operators must also comply with all other requirements defined by the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and the Water Act and their associated regulations and Codes of Practice, and all other applicable federal and provincial laws.

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